Operation Hammer Fanfic Generator

I’m pleased to present the Operation Hammer Fanfic Generator.

The OHFG isn’t just a fanfic about Operation Hammer; it’s a fanfic crafted with love about the Operation Hammer that happened in your personal Mass Effect playthrough.

Put another way, the OHFG is an attempt to simulate what a more extensive Operation Hammer cinematic sequence that drew on all your decisions through out the game might have looked like. Who’s there for the final push, and who’s missing? And what are the consequences of all those losses along the way? What does the volus bombing fleet have to do with it all? Click to find out!

Operation Hammer Fanfic Generator

(The OHFG tracks a lot of variables; I’ve done my best to test it but I’m sure there’s things I missed. If you see any bad behavior - decisions that aren’t reflected correctly, formatting issues, etc. - please send me an ask to let me know!)

How Warm Is Omega?


So, we’ve weighed Sahrabarik, and assigned it a few parameters. (See here for the details.)

What can we do with this data?

Well, one thing it can be used to give us some idea of is how warm or cold is Omega? Given the faintness of its star, and the distance out from it, it’s reasonable to assume that Omega will need a lot of active heating to keep it warm - but how much?

Let’s find out.

Once more I’ve done the maths, so you don’t have to. Before I get to the numbers, let me state a couple of health-warnings: strictly, I’m taking the temperature of the asteroidal endcap from which the station sprouts, and to do so I’m assuming an albedo - an overall reflectivity - of 0.15, meaning it reflects about 15% of the incoming sunlight. (This is based on a crude average of the albedos of the asteroids Ceres, Juno and Pallas in our own solar system, so it’s not exactly rigorous.) And what we get out is the so-called ‘blackbody’ temperature - it ignores factors such as any atmosphere, geothermal warmth or active heating systems.

What I found was that Omega’s blackbody temperature is about 67 K, or -206°C.

So if we assume that the station has an interior temperature of 15°C , then the heating systems have to add another 221 degrees. That sounds rather expensive to maintain!

This has some definite implications for the space station’s economy.

As before, calculations over the fold…

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So cool! However - assuming that the asteroid has no atmosphere, would the fact that vacuum is a great insulator change the (metaphorical) equation? The challenge might actually go the other way - all the bodies, life support systems, shuttlecraft, industrial equipment, weapons, etc. in the Omega generate heat, which has nowhere to go since there’s no conduction in space. 

I’m vastly out of my depth scientifically, so this is a completely honest question and in no way rhetorical :) 

Also just going to leave this here, which is an AWESOME article on heat and the ISS. 


Headcanon Wednesday: Ashley’s religion (and religion in the Alliance)

Ashley is Christian. However, all religions have continued to evolve and there are many ways in which Ashley would stick out among 21st century Christians. For one thing, her particular creed doesn’t currently exist; it’s a revival of a reformation of a splinter group of 21st century Protestant creed that bears very little resemblance to our modern-day equivalent. And while the Bible has remained unchanged (though of course there are a huge number of new translations available), specific beliefs have evolved, just as they always have done. 

For instance, Ashley’s never met a person of her faith who thought there was anything wrong with being LGBTQ - in fact, she would be very surprised to do so. She knows that there was a time when some Christians were part of oppressing LGBTQ people, but she thinks of that time like we might think of the Pope’s soldiers invading cities in the Middle Ages.

Religion remains a very powerful force on Earth, but as a whole, the colonies are culturally less religious than Earth, which is part of why Ashley feels a little defensive about her faith; the stereotype that religious people are superstitious and backwards isn’t uncommon. Accommodating religious practice is part of Alliance regs, but the military is not majority religious and certainly not majority Christian, so Ashley has encountered plenty of people who are ignorant about her faith over the years. The number of times somebody’s smugly said, “Why are there no aliens in the Bible?” and expected her to be rocked to the core - because of course, no Christian has ever considered the question before - is not small.

I spent long enough adjusting the Wrex and Wreav variables for my ME twine project that I became ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that Wrex couldn’t possibly be the right spelling.

Green Colonies (for HCW)


Green Colonies – an excerpt from Lorana T’Souza’s Corrupt Credits: the Dark Side of Galactic Finance (Presidium Press, 2192).

When human colonies started disappearing in 2184, the galaxy was initially very cynical. The disappearances were widely dismissed by the media and governments took little-to-no action on the issue. This situation persisted until as late as the attack on Horizon.

The reasons for the galaxy’s unconcern were numerous. A big factor, though, was the Viridian Colony Fraud of 2173.

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A line from a WIP that no one may ever see.

From a Mass Effect-themed twine project. The curse of interactive media is that sometimes you write a cool line and no that it’s unlikely anyone will ever see it. This is one of those lines.

"Many years from now," she says to herself, "when I write the definitive history of the Reaper War, this part is going to be very exciting for my readers."


okay but why don’t we talk more about paragon shepards with the ruthless background

shepards that saw their entire unit get slaughtered by following their orders and resolves to never let that happen again

shepards that lie awake at night wondering if the suicide mission is just another chance to kill everyone who trusts them to lead

shepards that flinch every time someone calls them the butcher of torfan

paragon ruthless

My Shep <3

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Is there any canon about how Miranda Lawson was carried to term?

Like, are we talking ‘surrogate mother’ or ‘artificial technological womb?’

Basically I need to know for totally ridiculous plot irrelevant purposes whether she was grown in a vat.

I’m not aware of any canon - I don’t believe it’s ever commented on in any of the conversations about her birth vs. Oriana’s. It seems like if it was every going to come up, it would when Shepard finds out that Oriana is only Miranda’s genetic sister, and it’s definitely not mentioned then.

I haven’t thought about it before, but I prefer the idea of an artificial womb (a la Miles Vorkosigan, of course). (A major part of) Miranda’s arc is about battling an overwhelming sense of alienation, and having a completely technological birth seems like the more fitting image to accompany that story.

HEADCANON WEDNESDAY: People of the Future, pt. 2


3.  How patriotic are members of the Systems Alliance military?  Or rather, to what are they loyal?

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I <3 this so much. I have a lot of thoughts on the differences between the established colonies - places like Terra Nova, Elysium, Eden Prime - and Earth, which is only one aspect of the problem.

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draws shaynor + comfortably mundane domesticity 4evr

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